How To Buy a Hot Rod

Buying your first hot rod may seem like a very hard task, but having some basic knowledge and a few key ideas will make it simpler. There is a very large difference in price for hot rods, and even with kits to build your own. There is a very large price spectrum for hot rods, and even kits you buy to build your own. If you have made the decision or are about to decide to buy a hot rod, you likely have a few ideas of what you want. You will likely hear some awesome stories from hot rod owners, and learn a few things in the process. You are bound to hear a lot of tips from current hot rod owners, many probably past their first hot rod. You will hear many stories of how they would do things differently if buying again. If you are planning on getting a lot of work done on the hot rod, even doing it yourself, is only another great reason to just talk to owners

[ReviewAZON asin="B000WP08N2" display="inlinepost"]The first thing you need to do is look at hot rods for sale currently to determine what your budget can buy. Price guide magazines, online price guides, and classified ads are good resources. You should not worry that you cannot afford what you truly want, there are still cheap alternatives to get into hot rods, sometimes only costing a few thousand dollars in the beginning. Kit cars are great for ones who have the right tools and mechanical abilities, but it's not always cheaper. There will likely still be a lot to invest in time and materials, and even tools if you do not have them. Another cheaper alternative is a rat rod, which is an old car which is painted in primer or is just rusted out. This is the true original look to a hot rod, basically parts that had been found through junk yards and other means, thrown together to make a fast car for cheap. Rat rods are usually cheaper to build, but there is sort of an "art" to the whole rat rod concept which is fun.

Financing is a big step, and you should know your credit score before going into the lending process. A score above 700 and you should have no problems, and below 700 you may have some issues. Generally you have 30 days after you are approved for a loan to purchase a hot rod, before you have to reapply again. Make sure you ask the lender early on whether they require their own appraisal of the hot rod. Many collector car lenders require an appraisal from a list of their approved companies, so it's good to find out early so you do not have to pay for their appraisal after you do yours. No sense in payng for more than one appraisal. Hot rod insurance is the last step to buying a hot rod. Make sure you get an Agreed Value policy to cover your new purchase for the entire value.

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