Dodge Dart History

The Dodge Dart was Introduced in 1960, and started out as a full size model passenger car but by the late 1960's the Dart was a formidable muscle car. The Dart was created by Dodge to compete in the lower priced area of the market. The GT version was released in 1963, and the Dart was changed to a compact model. The engines were still only inline 6's, and convertibles were also offered. The 1964 Dart offered the first V8, [ReviewAZON asin="0760307601" display="inlinepost"]but it only had 180 horsepower with 273 CI. REAL performance would not be available until 1968 when the GTS was released which included a 440 V8 producing 375 horsepower. The 440 V8 was only offered in 1968, it was dropped down to 383 for the 1969 and 1970 model years.

Darts are very popular in racing, with many original Dart's being completely stripped out to produce a real racing car. Most Dart race cars are beyond true repair to bring them back to original factory conditions. Dodge Dart parts are generally easy to find compared to other classic cars, and many manufacturers produce after market parts to increase performance. Like many older cars, the typical mufflers, brakes, and suspension are the parts that are most in demand. Finding a Dodge Dart for sale is not hard since there were many built

The Dodge Dart GTS models are the most sought after, and can sometimes fetch some pretty high prices. Restoring an old Dart is easier than other car models thanks to the ongoing production of performance parts and the engine options available on the Dart. Most engines the Dodge Dart used are fairly common engines, meaning they are cheaper to work on and easier to replace parts. Most magazine reviews of the Dart in the late 1960's suggested to purchase a model with a smaller engine. The big block engines were so heavy for the car that cornering and steering were problems for the bigger engines. This is why it made for such a good race car, because it could go fast in a straight line only.